Clients: Complete Custom Fine Art Services

Not-for-Profit/Public Institutions:
Margulies Collection at the Warehouse
The Sagamore Hotel
Locust Projects
The Moore Space
The Miami Museum of Science
The University of South Florida, Gainesville
The University of Florida, Tampa
The University of Miami, Miami
Miami Dade Community College
The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Dacra Collection
The Related Group of Florida

International Art Clients: 
Masterpiece International
Racine Berkow Associates
Atelier 4
Fritz Special Transport
Art Galleries:
Patrick Painter Gallery
Ramis Barquet Gallery
Ernst Hilger Gallery
Sandroni Rey Gallery
Feature, Inc.
Kevin Bruk Gallery
Rocket Projects
Barbara Gillman Gallery
Lemonsky Projects & Editions
Lora Reynolds Gallery
Rocket Projects
Suite 106
De La Sierra, Paris & Pervilhac
The Apartment
Deitch Projects
Newman Popiashvili Gallery
Concept Art Gallery
Cheim & Reid
Luis Adelantado Miami
Remy Toledo Gallery
Howard Greenberg Gallery
Barbara Gillman Gallery
Frederic Snitzer Gallery
Diana Lowenstein Fine Art
Hamish McKay Gallery
A Gentil Carioca
Sutton Lane
Sicardi Gallery
Chelsea Gallery
Galeria OMR
Locks Gallery
Knoedler & Company
Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

Private Collectors:
Francie Bishop Good
Christine and Martin Taplin
Debra and Dennis Scholl
Estelle and Paul Berg
Martin Z. Margulies
Francien Ruwitch
Carol Damian
Barry Cooper and Stuart Smith
Josie and John Wood
Karen and Craig Tinsky
Jose Alvarez
Joseph Berg
Myrna Golden
Kirk Lybecker
Estate of Audrey Renault
Catherine Lee
Chris Babson
Katherine Hinds
RBK Productions/Roses by Karla
Craig Robins
Marion Davis & David Parker
Susan & Alan Suero
George Lindemann
Tom Healy & Fred Hochberg
Brian Gerber
Sueyen Locks
Catherine Lee
Annie Wharton
Carlos Betancourt
Patricia & Larry Stewart
Kirk Lybecker
Julia Herzberg
Robert Green
Lee Schrager
Maureen Meyers
Pablo Cano
Janice Rauzin

Art Consultants/Interior Designers/Architects:
Nina Arias
Joan Genser
Jane Hart
Allen Saunders
Rene Gonzalez
Americas Media Group
James Robertson Art Consultants
Gabriela Trench
Helene Seeman
Maureen Mahony
Edsel Williams
Jose Carlos Dias
Windsor Arts
RBK Productions/Roses by Karla
Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts
Susan Grant Lewin
Annhy Shim

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